The Girl in the Purple Dress

Jo Horsley’s story begins as a small child being rocked by her mother, as she struggles to hand Jo to the adoption agency. Through school and work, heartbreak and marriage, love and loss, Jo discovers more about herself and builds a life which embraces all definitions of the word “family”. Her story hasn’t ended, and there is so much more to come...

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December 3rd, 2021 @ 17:30 UK Time via Zoom
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Joining Jo’s book launch will provide you with the opportunity to hear directly from Jo and learn what inspired her to write the "The Girl in the Purple Dress – My Adoption Story” and how she believes the book will positively impact many.

This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first to hear Jo read very poignant extracts from the book and it will give you the opportunity to interact with Jo and present questions to her.

By joining this call you will be playing a key role in helping set Jo’s book on the path for success. Success which she strongly believes will inspire, reassure and give hope to many others. You will also have the opportunity to be amongst the first to buy Jo’s book and Jo will be happy to sign copies of any books purchased on this very special launch day. In short this is a not to be missed launch party.

P.S. You are encouraged to bring a drink to toast the launch of "The Girl in the Purple Dress – My Adoption Story” by Jo Horsley.

About The Book

  • The Girl in the Purple Dress is a heart felt true adoption story, which will likely bring tears and smiles to all who read it.
  • Jo’s adoption story begins in the late 1960’s, the era of “forced” adoption, which is currently highly topical with many articles and stories being shared and headlining in the mainstream media at this time.
  • Through the book Jo explores the challenges and complexities of family life, especially those arising from being adopted into a very large family, finding her place, her identity and the love that we all crave. Jo’s challenges were further compounded as she tried to fit into the world as an adopted mixed race child in an era where this was certainly not the norm.
  • The book explores many highs and lows and probably the most touching roller coaster ride of emotions comes when in the book Jo describes her search to find and make contact with her biological parents. Talk about cliff hangers!
  • Jo masterfully deals with love and loss in a very personal, honest and heartfelt way as she recounts a colourful full life lived to date, with much fun and sadness that we can all relate to. Eventually finding true love, the joy of becoming a mother and grandmother.
  • Jo hopes that by sharing this very personal story that it will help others who have been adopted or who have adopted. In addition to providing many others the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of those who have been put up for adoption and who have been adopted.
  • In summary Jo’s book inspires the simple mantra “always, always carry hope ...”

About The Author

Jo Horsley was born in 1969 and grew up in Hertfordshire having been adopted into a clergyman’s family with 6 other children. Jo went on to be a very successful and highly valued Nursery Nurse. Who then travelled internationally with her husband where she discovered a new love for helping others through teaching Pilates with a mission of helping others transform their bodies and lives. Jo eventually returned to the UK settling in Kendal, Cumbria. Where her daughter Emily and her granddaughter Daisy May now also live. Jo’s latest adventure will hopefully see her becoming an acclaimed author and a voice for the highly sensitive subject of adoption.

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