Everybody on Stage for the Hawaiian Number

Over the years, many things have been written about him. The scandals, love affairs, the lies, the backstage feuds.

Stories from social media, TMZ, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, The Sun, Page 6, National Enquirer, et. al.

Here, star of stage, screen, and roadside café, BRYAN MURPHY, the boy from Brooklyn, finally sets the record straight. In his own words.

About The Book

  • Growing up gay and watching the gay scene change before and after the Stonewall Riots in New York.
  • Learning how to deal with the rejection of being an actor and not going off the deep end.
  • Having unconditional love from family.
  • Traveling the world and having a New Yorker’s sense of confidence.
  • Finding love from an amazing man and spending 18 years together. Being married in two continents.
  • Not a Pollyanna but always seeing the positive side of things.
  • Racism across all areas of life and dealing with it.
  • Self-esteem taught by mother and Bugs bunny. Yes, Bugs Bunny.
  • Having big dreams and achieving them.

About The Author

BRYAN (bryanmurphy@aol.com) is a widower and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is an entertainer, and now writer. People have said he should write a book about his life. The pandemic has provided him the time off from his hectic schedule. Bryan has traveled the globe. He now resides in the U.K.

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